3D Printed Spitfire Mk XVI

If you head over to 3dlabprint.com they have several airframes designed and ready to print on your 3D printer.  I chose the Spitfire Mk XVI.  It’s 1:12 scale with a wingspan of 38″.  Total print time was about 35 hours and material cost came in around $15.  Look for the maiden flight at the May Fun Fly & Swap Meet.


  1. Length:  800mm (31.5″)
  2. Wingspan:  973mm (38.3″)
  3. Height:  210mm (7.8″)
  4. Wing area:  16.8 dm2
  5. Wing Loading:  50.1 g/dm2
  6. Print Weight:  432g

Wish I had taken more photos of the build but here’s half the wing fresh off the pinter.