Club Constitution

CONSTITUTION AND BY LAWS of the Fort Wayne Flying Circuits




The purpose of this organization shall be:

  • To promote and encourage public interest in radio control of miniature aircraft.
  • To arrange contests and award prizes to members and invited competitors.
  • To provide sporting, recreation and social functions for the entertainment and education of its members.
  • To provide instruction for the building and flying of radio-controlled miniature



This organization Is duly Incorporated as a nonprofit corporation under the acts of the Indiana General Assembly approved March 7,1935 and revised 1955 duly filed and approved in the office of the secretary of the State of Indiana on the 28th day of April, 1961, and recorded in the recorder’s office of Allen County, Indiana, Book 220, Pages 515 to 518.

The regulations and conduct of the affairs of the Club will be governed by the Bylaws.


The rules procedure at meetings of the members of the Club shall be in according to Robert’s Rules of Order, so far as applicable and when not inconsistent with the Bylaws.


This organization shall be a chartered club as prescribed by current Academy of Model Aeronautics regulations. All flying sanctioned by this Club, its officers, or any one member or group of members, shall be in accordance with A.M.A. regulations


This Corporation shall not be organized for monetary profit. There shall be no capital stock and no financial benefit shall inure to any of its members.


If for any reason the membership votes to disband the Club, all of the Club assets consisting of cash, real and personal property, etc. will be liquidated and disposed of in accordance with existing local, state, or federal laws and regulations


Any person shall be eligible for membership, provided they meet the qualifications as prescribed by the Bylaws.

**** BYLAWS ****

The officers of the Flying Circuits, Inc. shall be:
A. President
B. Secretary
C. Treasurer
D. First Vice President, Training and Safety
E. Second Vice President, Contest Manager and Publicity
F. Third Vice President, Trustee

The Executive Board shall be composed of the officers of this Corporation, and the most current active past president. The Executive Board shall consist of seven (7) members, each having one vote.

Prior to the September meeting, the President shall appoint two (2) members to constitute the nomination committee. At the October meeting, this committee shall present a slate of candidates drawn from members in good standing. The chair shall call for nominations of additional names for each office from the floor at that meeting.
The candidate for the office of President shall have had previous experience in a lesser elected position during any previous administration. Other Club officers shall not serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same elected office. Candidates for any office cannot have any conflicting interest with the Club particularly of a monetary nature.


The annual election shall be by secret ballot at the November meeting. The candidate receiving the most votes cast shall be elected, and shall be installed at the December meeting. The term of office for all elected officers shall be for one year, from January 1 to December 31 inclusive. All officers shall hold office until their successors have been elected and installed.

If a vacancy in any office occurs, the vacancy shall be filled by the vote of the membership, such electees to serve the duration of the term of the individual being replaced.

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club including Board Meetings and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees and shall perform other duties in keeping with his office.
The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of the Club and Board meetings for permanent records of the corporation. The Secretary shall be responsible along with the Newsletter Editor for writing, publication and distribution of the monthly newsletter, reminding the membership of the monthly meeting at least (5) days prior to the meeting, and process all official Club mail and shall perform other duties in keeping with his office.
The Treasurer shall receive, record and deposit in the depository designated by the Club all Club monies, including dues, contest receipts, loans, subsidies, bequests, etc. He shall keep a record of all dues paid and shall keep the membership informed of delinquent dues as outlined in Article 9, Section 3 of these Bylaws. He shall give a written account to the membership of the condition of the treasury at each monthly meeting. The Treasurer shall also be responsible for maintaining a current membership list (roster), along with such information about each member as may be required for club affairs. He shall have his records for the fiscal year ready for audit by the 15th of January each year, ensuring that these records are submitted to an outside auditor as chosen by the Executive Board, and shall perform other duties in keeping with this office.

The first Vice President shall be in charge of Training and Safety. He shall supervise the membership training in flying, judging and safety. He shall apply continued effort toward increasing and strengthening the Club membership. He shall have the responsibility for the educational portion of each monthly meeting. He shall be responsible for the enforcement of the established safety rules at the flying site, and shall perform other duties in keeping with his office.
The Second Vice President shall have the responsibility for the organization of all official Club sponsored contests. He shall keep the members informed on contest related subjects and present or cause to be presented through the auspices of the First Vice President, three educational programs on contest related subjects. He shall hold for safe keeping all trophies, prizes, tickets and related items until awarded or otherwise officially disposed. He shall be responsible for obtaining the publicity of the Club events through the various news media such as radio, television and newspapers. He shall perform other duties in keeping with his office.
The Trustee shall administer and control the use of all property belonging to, borrowed, leased or rented by the Club. He shall supervise the maintenance of the flying site, the Club house, and all equipment belonging to the Club. He shall maintain an inventory of the physical properties belonging to the Club. He shall arrange the meeting place of each monthly meeting and shall perform other duties in keeping with his office.

Membership applications must be approved by the Executive Board.
All members of the Club must be members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics.
Any applicant under the age of 18 shall have written consent of a parent or guardian to join the Club.

Any membership can be canceled by the Executive Board for noncompliance with Club rules or any action which in the opinion of the Board is not in the best interest of the Club. The member whose membership is canceled, may within (5) days request in writing a hearing before the Executive Board. If after the hearing the member is not satisfied with the Board’s decision, he can make a written request to the Club secretary for a vote of the membership to either sustain or reject the Board’s decision.
The canceled member shall receive a pro-rated refund of the dues paid effective the month of cancellation to the end of the current year.
A member is entitled to vote in the election of the organization’s officer’s or board members and is eligible to be elected as an officer or board member or both to participate in the determination of the policies of the organization.
Social Memberships are available to persons with physical conditions that prevent flying activities, but who still enjoy the association with the Club and its members. This is a non-flying, non-voting, and non-officer membership; however, it will include a monthly newsletter. No AMA membership is required for this membership. A Social Membership card will be provided by the Club. See Article 9 section 8 for dues information.

The Regular Club meeting shall be held on the second Wednesday of each month. Special meetings of the Club shall be at any convenient time, upon call by the Executive Board or upon call signed by a quorum consisting of thirty percent (30%) of the members of the Club, providing all Club members are notified of the meeting and any such call shall name the time and place of such meeting and shall be mailed or emailed to all members at least five (5) days in advance of the date set. Notice of regular meetings shall be mailed or emailed to each member at least five (5) days prior to the meeting.
The regular Executive Board meeting shall be held the fourth (4) Wednesday of each month.

The business affairs of the Club shall be conducted by the Executive Board at their monthly meeting and they shall attend to the affairs of the Club during the interim between membership meetings, but in no event shall the actions of the Executive Board conflict with the expressed interest of the Club, or purposes expressed in Article 2 of the Constitution. A quorum of four (4) members of the Executive Board must be present in order to conduct business. The minutes of the Executive Board meeting shall be read and approved at the regular Club meeting. Other business may be presented as a motion at the regular membership meeting and voted on by the members present. In order to conduct business at regular and special meetings, a quorum consisting of twenty percent (20%) of the membership being true and current as of the first of the month in which the meeting is being held must be present.
The Executive Board shall have the authority to make monthly expenditures of up to $500.00 for any single and unrelated expenditure. Any major expenditure in excess of $500.00 must be reviewed, and approved by the Executive Board, before it can be presented at a regularly scheduled or special meeting of the membership. Any member may propose a major project or item purchase; however, the Executive Board must first meet (at a regularly scheduled or special meeting) to consider the proposal and if approved, the Board will bring it before the membership for a vote. Also, any other major Club policy changes or decisions shall first be reviewed by the Executive Board and approved before it is brought to a membership meeting vote. (Membership meeting quorums and majorities are detailed in Section 1 above).

The order of business shall be:
1. Call to order
2. Introduction of guest
3. Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting
4. Treasurer’s report
5. Committee reports
6. Executive Board report
7. Old and unfinished business
8. Special interest group
9. New business
10. Recess
11. General program of the day
12. Final statements
13. Adjournment
The initiation fee is $30.00 for applicants eighteen (18) years and over and $5.00 for applicants under eighteen (18) years of age. The initiation fee for a family membership is $30.00. A family membership consists of husband, wife and all children and grandchildren under eighteen (18) years of age, or any combination thereof. All initiation fees are payable in full upon approval of the application. Prepaid initiation fees shall be refunded upon application disapproval.
Annual membership: Dues to the Club for each member eighteen (18) years or over will be $60.00 and dues for each member under (18) years will be $12.00. Dues are payable in advance in a single annual installment on or before January 31st of the year for which payment is due.
Family membership: Dues for the first adult member of a family shall be $60.00 per year. Dues for each additional member of the said family will be $3.00 per year payable in advance on or before January 31st of the year for which payment is due.
Dues Refund: A request for the refund of prepaid dues must be presented to the Executive Board. Refunds may be granted at the discretion of the Executive Board to members who resign from the Club because of employment transfer, long term illness, or other extenuating circumstances which in the judgment of the Board warrants such refunds.
Payable Date: Dues are payable in a single annual installation not later than January 31st of the year for which payment is due. All members must furnish proof of current A.M. A. membership at the time dues are paid. Dues for new members shall be prorated from the month of installation to December 31st, then annually thereafter. New members must furnish proof of A.M. A. membership with Club dues payment.
Dues Changes: The annual member dues to the Club shall be established, and can be revised at any regular club meeting of the Club by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present plus any ABSENTEE BALLOTS, providing a copy of the proposed dues change is mailed or emailed to each member at least five (5) days before such meeting. The Secretary or a designated representative shall mail or email a copy of a proposed dues change when requested by the Executive Board or a Majority of the members at the meeting at which it was proposed, but not otherwise.
A Club member shall be considered delinquent of his annual dues and proof of A.M. A. membership are not received by January 31st of the year for which payment is due.

a. The delinquent member will be notified that he has been deleted from the
membership roster due to nonpayment of dues and/or proof of A.M.A.
membership; notification shall be made by the treasurer.
b. A deleted Club member may request reinstatement before the last day of
February as outlined in paragraph.

c. Any Club member who presents a just and valid reason for nonpayment of
membership dues by the last day of February may, at the discretion of the
Executive Board, be granted reinstatement or an extension of the aforementioned time limit. The request for reinstatement or extension must be made to a member of the Executive Board and it will be passed on by the entire Executive Board. No extension of time will be granted for payment of delinquent dues beyond May 31st.
d. Any Club member granted reinstatement shall be assessed a reinstatement fee
of; $5.00 for a $60.00 membership, $2.00 for a $12.00 membership, $0.50 for a
$3.00 membership.
e. It is the responsibility of each Club Member to keep himself informed as to the
current status of his Club dues, fees and obligations. It is also his responsibility to renew his A.M.A. membership directly with A.M.A.
Special assessments shall not be levied upon the Club membership at any time, except by vote of the membership as a whole, and then only if eighty percent (80%) of the membership vote affirmative for the special assessment.
Members who attend an educational facility a sufficient distance away from the Fort Wayne area that prevents their participation in regular Club meetings and activities, may retain their membership by paying dues at the reduced rate of $0.25 per month. Written evidence, properly certified, shall be presented to the Executive Board and accepted by them before any modification to dues or assessment obligations are authorized.
Members who enter active duty in Military service shall be accorded a dues waver for the period of time they maintain that status.
Members falling into either of the two aforementioned categories will retain all rights and privileges of Club membership with the exception of the right to enter a contest sponsored by the Club. Such a member may enter a Club sponsored contest providing he pays the full amount of current dues for the month in which the contest is being held.

Executive Board members, Newsletter Editor, and website coordinator shall not pay dues; however, they will pay all other fees and assessments. Charter Club Members and Club Members eighty (80) years old will not pay dues, once they have been a club member for one (1) year.
Flight Instructors will be exempt from paying dues the year after the year in which they instruct three (3) student pilots. Instructors must keep a signed log with the dates and
times of instruction for each student in order to be eligible for this exemption. Both the flight instructor and the student pilot will sign the log. The flight instructor will present the signed log to the board for approval by December 15th in order to receive this exemption the following year.
A Club member may request a leave of absence from the Club for a period of up to one year due to job transfer, long term illness, military service, or other valid reasons acceptable to the Executive Board which prevents the member from actively using the Club facilities and participating in Club activities. The leave of absence exempts the member from paying dues while on leave, or initiation or reinstatement fees upon reinstatement as an active member again.
Social Membership Dues – Dues and initiation fees will be waived for persons age 80 and over. Dues for under age 80 will be $10.00 per year with no initiation fee.

The Executive Board shall appoint standing committees as they deem necessary. The duties and length of service shall be outlined in detail by the Board. No standing committee shall be required to serve more than one year. The Board may dissolve any committee at any time.
The president may appoint other committees whenever the need is indicated.

The Flying Site Fund was established by vote of the Club members on the 11th day of February, 1976. This fund is invested to produce interest income that is to be reinvested in the Flying Site Fund. The purpose of the fund is to provide monies to secure either a new flying site should the need arise, or to preserve and protect the current flying site from outside complaints or objections so that the club’s stated purposes are not impaired or interfered with.
Club income from all sources are to be placed in the club checking account called the Cash Flow fund. This account would allow the Treasurer of the club to account for all income and expenses for accounting purposes. Excess funds in the checking account can be transferred to a savings account with the same financial institution for easy transfer back to the checking account as needed.
The Constitution and Bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Club by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present plus any ABSENTEE BALLOTS, providing a copy of the proposed amendment is mailed to each member at least five (5) days before such meeting. The Secretary or a designated representative shall mail or email a copy of the proposed amendment(s) along with an absentee ballot to each member when requested by the Executive Board or a majority of the members.
An ABSENTEE BALLOT shall be provided in the event a member cannot attend the meeting and wishes his vote to be counted affirmatively or negatively in the counting of the vote. An ABSENTEE BALLOT shall be mailed or emailed, by the Secretary or a designated representative, with each proposed amendment. ABSENTEE BALLOTS must be in the hands of the Executive Board at or before the vote is taken at the regular meeting in order to be counted.

To perpetuate the records of the organization, the Constitution and Bylaws in effect prior to the adoption of the revised Constitution and Bylaws must be maintained in the permanent file.
The dates of the original Constitution and Bylaws with all its revisions are as follows:
Original Constitution and Bylaws – February 2, 1954.
Revised-March 4, 1958
Revised – November 13, 1965
Revised-March 10, 1971.
Revised – September 10, 1975
Revised – October 25, 1978
Revised – January 8, 1987
Revised-April 13, 1988
Revised – April 13, 1994
Revised-April 10, 1996
Revised – October 10, 1996
Revised – December 11, 1996
Revised-May 14, 1997
Revised – March 13, 2002
Revised – June 12, 2002
Revised – February 11, 2004
Revised-April 14, 2004
Revised-May 12, 2004
Revised-June 9, 2004
Revised-August 11, 2004
Revised-April 11, 2007
Revised – January 12, 2011, Article 4 Section 2: recognizes the Newsletter Editor. Section 3: moves the responsibility for the roster to the Treasurer. The Treasurer is responsible for submitting financial data to outside auditor each year. Section 5 2nd VP: no longer keeps record of contest standing of the members. Article 5
– Membership: Deleted section on lifetime membership. Article 6
– Meetings: Allows emailing notices to members. Article 7 -Business: Requires any major expenditure to be reviewed and approved by the Board before submitting it to membership for approval. Article 9 – Membership Dues: Allows emailing notice of change and absentee ballots to members. Article 10 -Committees: Deleted Section 3 appointing an internal auditing committee. Article 12 – Amendments section 1 and 2: allows for mailing or emailing proposed amendments and absentee ballots to members.
Revised – May 25, 2011, Article 5 Membership added section 6 for social memberships. Article 9 Section 8 for social membership dues. Added in Article 9 Section 6 Flight instructor’s dues exemption for instructing three (3) students
Revised – November 16, 2022, to change the Article 11 Section 2 to eliminate two accounts called Field Improvement Fund and Club Operating Fund to just one fund called the Cash Flow Fund. Also, under Article 9 Section 6 the wording is changed to include the website coordinator as not subject to dues.