Think you would like to join the club?

Click here for downloadable application. Fill it out and bring it with you to one of our membership meetings or mail it to the address below.

The initiation fee is $30.00 for applicants eighteen (18) years and over and $5.00 for applicants under eighteen (18) years of age.

The initiation fee for a family membership is $30.00. A family membership consists of husband, wife and all children and grandchildren under eighteen (18) years of age, or any combination thereof.

All initiation fees are payable in full upon approval of the application. Prepaid initiation fees shall be refunded upon application disapproval.

Annual membership: Dues to the Club for each member eighteen (18) years or over will be $60.00 and dues for each member under (18) years will be $12.00.

Family membership: Dues for the first adult member of a family shall be $60.00 per year. Dues for each additional member of the said family will be $3.00 per year. 

Dues are payable in advance in a single annual installment on or before January 31st of the year for which payment is due.

AMA Charter #285
Club Address:
Flying Circuits Inc.
P.O. Box 330
Huntertown, In. 46748