SAM 28 Bob Hartwig Memorial 21st Anniversary

Event Details

Bob Hartwig Memorial

Flying Circuits Field, 1702 S. Webster Rd., New Haven, IN

GPS Coordinates:  N41d 04.48 m, W 84 d 55.46 m

Wednesday Events

Thursday Events

C orig. ign. LER

Texaco (2.4 GHz radio suggested)

Brown Jr. LER

O&R Sideport

½ A

C Glow LER


A/B Glow LER

Electric Texaco

Electric LMR

Speed 400 LMR


SAM 28 B Electric*


Ohlsson 23

Nostalgia Combined

– Must be an AMA member

– Pilots meeting at 9 AM, flying starts at 9:30 AM and ends at 4 PM

– Final official flight in each class must be launched by 3:45 PM

– Entry Fees: 1st event – $10; each additional event – $5/each; MAX – $30

– Overnight camping area is available in park (Electric and Water)

– Certificates awarded for 1st through 3rd place

– Elec. LMR: Models will be weighted to meet current SAM weight to battery capacity rules.  E-texaco requires 2.4 GHz radios only.  Texaco 2.4 suggested

*Any B pre-1942 plane – turnkigy D3536/5 Motor only.  2 cell lipo battery.  8oz / sqft weight.  60 second motor run


Group Dinner Wednesday evening at a local restaurant

Joe Woodword
(260) 241-4180

Bruce Wallace
(260) 490-1074

Electric Events : Jay Burkart